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Give to Univ and UCBC (Friends of UCBC)

Donate via Univ's official Donation Page

You can give to UCBC by visiting Univ's Official Donation Page. Please choose ‘Other’ under ‘Designation’, and add ‘1990 Headship Fund’ or ‘Boat Club’ in the 'Comments' section. You can give a regular or single gift. You can also Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK taxpayer. Please feel free to get in touch with the president to discuss your donation further.

We would appreciate any donation big or small and you are more than welcomed to ask for your donation to be directed at a particular target (such as increasing our capital, a boat, or even some new shoes!).

Withdrawal from the 1990 fund, to e.g. purchase new equipment, are only completed after approvals from Friends of UCBC, the club senior members, and the club committee.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Naming of our latest boat, the Acer Nethercott, donated by Friend of UCBC, David Hunter

Our Funding Targets

The club is dependent on the generous donations of our old members (Friends of UCBC) to stay competitive. Without their support UCBC would not be where it is today. We break down our fundraising targets into 3 brackets, however, currently we are particularly focused on raising the total capital in the 1990 fund to give us a regular income to reduce the shortfall that we have in our annual income.

This year was the first year in many years, where the expected income from the 1990 fund was below the total money withdrawn from the 1990 fund for our regular expenditure, and we hope this trend continues into the future.

1) Filling the Expected Shortfall

We often have a shortfall of a few thousand pounds per year on our regular expenses and are dependent on donations from Friends of UCBC to ensure the club does not go into red while staying competitive at all levels.

2) Competitive Edge and Equipment

UCBC is in a very healthy position with huge ambitions. We have great support, a fantastic boat house, and last year had had more boats entered in Summer Eights than any other club on the Isis. Moreover, our First VIII’s are in very competitive positions in the First Divisions in Summer Eights.

We are doing everything we can internally, but we need your help to give us that competitive edge against other clubs on the river.

3) Long Term Planning and Special Gifts

If you are considering helping with our long term plans, we would be more than happy to discuss your donation with you. Please contact the Boat Club president, or Univ’s Director of Development, William Roth, to discuss your donation.


Thanks to our Old Members, W1, M1 and M2 are lucky enough to compete in top quality Empachers in Summer Eights, though some of our other boats are now over 14 years old. This year we had more boats than any other colleges entered into Summer Eights and Christ Church novice regatta. To continue this strength and depth and healthy standard of novice and lower boats rowing, we need to start planning for new boats in the next couple of years, in particular to ensure we back up W1 and M1 crews.

Long Term Financial Stability

We need to look into ensuring a regular source of income for the club, to allow us to make longer term plans and help us with recurrent costs of training. We already have a fair amount of capital in the 1990 Fund, set up by the late Professor John Albery, then Master, when we regained the Head of the River in 1990. We have made plans to ensure this can generate a recurrent income; however, we also want to increase that capital to the original target of £100,000 over the next few years. This should give us a more regular source of income, which will allow UCBC to train and compete at the highest level possible in Oxford and in regattas around the country.