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Summer 2014: from the Women's Vice Captain

Trinity Term! was really strong for the women's side of UCBC, with 5 boats entered in Summer VIIIs including W2, W3, a graduate boat and a coxes' beer boat. W3, W4 and W5 all had to compete in Rowing On to qualify for Eights. All three boats qualified, making Univ the boat club with the most boats on the river.

The women's 2nd VIII did a lot of training, putting in laps after many crews had left the river each morning, followed by plenty of crew breakfasts to keep spirits up after rainy sessions. It all paid off in Eights, as W2 bumped both Hertford II and Worcester II quickly on the first day to secure their place in Division 3. They then went on to bump Christchurch II, Pembroke II, and Linacre II to earn 5-bump blades, bumping before Donnington bridge each time! They are now the 4th W2 crew on the river.

W3 also put in a lot of training and posted a quick time in Rowing On, but had an unfortunate draw in Div 5, surrounded by W2 crews and schools' boats. However, they put up a good fight each day and displayed all of the grit and determination that we have come to expect from our girls! They were bumped by Somerville II, St Hugh's II, Green Templeton III and Keble II to secure spoons, which are at least a good reminder of the fun had training this Trinity.

W4, the graduate boat, rowed over triumphantly on the first and third days, holding off St Hugh's III past Univ on the second day but eventually succumbing, and were bumped by St Peter's II on the Saturday. We also had a heroic sub due to a last-minute injury: “W3.5”, as the girls with no fixed crew for VIIIs came to be known, were all called upon at some point in this Eights and responded like the heroes they are to fill spots in W3, W4, and W5, so that everyone got to race as much as possible.

W5, the coxes' beer boat, qualified for VIIIs, much to the surprise of everyone, including themselves! With just two sessions together before Rowing On and never having done a racing start, the crew had a relaxed row over on the Wednesday as the two crews behind bumped out. They were bumped by a fast and furious St. Peter's II on Thursday, demolished St Anne's to row over behind the grad boat on Friday, and went for the bump on Keble III on Saturday. Fittingly, the bump was gained not only through faster rowing but through a coxing error on the part of Keble, who crossed too early in a desperate effort to try and avoid the wrath of the Univ coxes' bow ball bearing down on them.

Overall the term was one of great participation from everyone, as evidenced by the large number of boats we had, and lots of fun too!

Niamh Broderick, Women’s Vice-Captain 2014-2015


Posted on Aug 13, 2014

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