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Trinity 2015: from the Men's Vice-Captain

UCBC's men's side saw two lower boats compete in Summer VIIIs this year, each featuring a good mix of novice rowers and returning crew members.

M2, hot off the back of a bumps-laden Torpids, finished off the year with a strong Trinity term. Coached for their second term by Ian Macconachie, M2 hit the ground running and enjoyed a successful build up to Summer VIIIs. Despite bumping Teddy Hall II within 14 strokes on the Wednesday of Eights, M2 fell just short of overbumping Linacre M1 the day after. Having recovered from their overbump attempt, M2 took another quick bump on Magdalen II on Friday. With the task of chasing an on-form Anthony's I, Saturday of VIIIs was always going to be a challenge for M2. With Anthony's bumping out in front of them, M2 finished off the regatta by rowing over in style. Overall, M2 moved up 2 places to 10th in division 3 and are now the 5th highest second crew on the river!

After an unfortunate Hilary term in which they did not qualify for Torpids, M3 resolved to make the most of Summer VIIIs. Training hard, often as frequently as the second crew, M3 smashed Rowing On by coming 2nd out of 33 crews. Going into VIIIs placed 2nd in division 6, M3 spent the Wednesday and Thursday unsuccessfully trying to catch Benet's I at the top of the div. With Benet's having bumped up on the Thursday, M3 seized their chance by bumping a newly relegated GTC II on Friday. Chasing Benet's for the third time, now as sandwich boat in division 5, they were unfortunately frustrated once more. As the final day approached, each rower knew what they had to do. After rowing over with panache at the head of division 6, the crew threw themselves at the opportunity to bump up in their race as division 5 sandwich boat. They were rewarded for their effort with a concession from Wadham III just before the gut. M3's new position at the bottom of division 5 means that they have entered fixed divisions, and so will not be required to compete in Rowing On next year. The prized title of M3 headship awaits!

Mack Grenfell
Men’s Vice Captain


Posted on Oct 08, 2015

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